Book Review: The Silent Patient

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The Silent Patient was creepy, it is as simple as that. I am happy I finished the book in the morning, because had I finished it at night, I’d no doubt have trouble sleeping.

Famous artist Alicia Berenson is charged with the murder of her husband, Gabriel. From the moment of the murder, to when she is found by police holding the incriminating weapon and attempting suicide, Alicia does not utter a single word. Not through the trial, not to friends, not to anyone. She is evaluated as being mentally unstable, and rather than put in prison, she is put in a psychiatric ward, where she continues her silence.

Criminal psychotherapist, Theo Faber, is determined to help Alicia speak her truth. He is relentless in his attempts to understand Alicia’s past and unravel the motive for her murder when she was seemingly so devoted to her husband.

What ensues is a twisty story that promises suspense and thrill and creepy adventures into the psychosis of the characters.

For a quick, creepy thriller, I recommend this read!

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