15 Reasons 2015 Has Been the Best Year of My Life

Duke basketball won the National Title & Georgetown actually made it past the first round of March Madness. The ability to celebrate my sweet 'baby', Vincent, turn 1 in a basketball-themed birthday party on an unusually warm day in March. Making a career shift to the Instructional Design field. A move that gave me confidence... Continue Reading →

World Prematurity Awareness Day

December 29, 2011. I remember the day so clearly; as if it were just yesterday. I woke up completely miserable. This miserable feeling was familiar; waking up in misery had been routine for the past 3 weeks. When you are almost 35 weeks pregnant with twins basically nothing you do is comfortable. Not that I wasn't thankful to... Continue Reading →

Halloween + Star Wars + Survivor

I would have to say that Halloween was pretty epic this year. The kids dressed up as Star Wars characters: Dominic- Storm Trouper Giovanni- Darth Vader Vincent- Chewbacca With the new Episode VII coming to theaters on December 17th- Star Wars was basically seen everywhere. Normally I strive for original costumes that you are not... Continue Reading →

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