Book Review: Verity by Colleen Hoover


It’s hard to not give this book 5 stars because I poured through it – I mean, I couldn’t put the story down! It was intense, creepy, thrilling, and so unique from what I normally read. This is my first Colleen Hoover novel, and certainly NOT my last. (Which is sort of funny because I know CoHo is known for romance… and this was pure suspense-thriller…)

So, why only 4 stars? The ending. I don’t know if it is a perfect ending, fitting the story, or if it is a contrived cop-out. Still unsure now.
Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer who lands the deal of a lifetime when she is asked to complete a book series for the famous author, Verity Crawford. Lowen is tasked with pouring over the multitude of documents in Verity’s own private office in order to give her some insight into Verity’s characters and plots, and Lowen ends up living in Verity’s house while she works, alongside Verity’s husband and son. Lowen has no idea what she will discover in the process of her research trying to fulfill Verity’s shoes, and she is thrown into the dramatic depths of Verity’s life and the horrors surrounding her. While living in her house … while developing a crush on her husband…
The writing was awesome and the suspense was unmatched! This is a great suspenseful thriller that I whole-hardheartedly recommend.

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