Book Review: Where the Crawdads Sing

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Don’t go thinking poetry’s just for sissies. There’s mushy love poems, for sure, but there’s also funny ones, lots about nature, war even. Whole point of it – they make ya feel something.

This was an absolutely beautiful novel that lived up to all the hype and is well deserving of its Best Seller status.

Kya Clark is abandoned by everyone she knows – her dad, her siblings, and even her mom – and from the time she is a young girl, she takes care of herself and finds refuge in her home, the Marsh. People in town judge her, make fun of her, and eventually dub her “The Marsh Girl”, which becomes synonymous with trash.

Kya learns to survive on the land, her companions the gulls and herons and other wildlife that she fervently observes. She is shown kindness by only a few people, and more and more, sinks into herself and her solitude.

One day, in town, a boy is found dead, and the Sheriff suspects foul play. Because the boy and Kya had a history, and because of the prejudices that exist against The Marsh Girl, Kya is put on trial for his murder.

This is definitely a thought-provoking story, one that interweaves history and nature and romance and morality. I highly recommend this stunning novel!

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