Survivor Season 34: Game Changers! Pre-Show Predictions

Game Changers is actually. going. to. happen. Well, it has happened. Filming ended a while ago, ballots are waiting in the box with the name of the winner, and Jeff Probst has successfully filmed 34 seasons of Survivor. But in a mere three weeks, we are actually. going. to. watch. Game Changers! I AM SO EXCITED!... Continue Reading →

Tribal Council is Like High School Prom- Season 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 5

The strategic layers that encompassed Episode 5 were profound, rooted, and fathomless. After a no-brainer Alecia vote last week, it was refreshing be able to consider the multiple strategic possibilities that arose as a result of the tribe swap. Did the newly formed Gondol tribe make the best decision? Here is what we know: 1.Tai... Continue Reading →

Good-Looking People with Great Smiles- Survivor 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 3

What we learned during Episode 3: You never want to lose the challenge; and if you do, don't think of it as a blessing Even people with great smiles get voted out in blindside fashion Debbie is being underestimated Joe's tan, pecs, and abs are thriving in the Cambodia sun Kyle was put in charge of the... Continue Reading →

Why sit when you can stand… and still get voted out? – Survivor 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 2

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am super excited for a promising bromance between Tai and Caleb. Who would have thought that our very own Beast Mode Cowboy would be such a charmer to anyone other than our BB gal Amber? Keep stealing those kisses, Tai. The bonds are being formed and... Continue Reading →

What’s That Noise in my Ear? – Survivor 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 1

Let's get one thing out of the way first. I've watched 31 seasons of Survivor- most of them twice. I've seen Skupin fall into the fire, Penner sustain a puncture wound to the knee, James cut up his finger, and Russell Swan nearly cross over to the lighter side in Samoa. I've never seen anything... Continue Reading →

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