Tribal Council is Like High School Prom- Season 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 5

The strategic layers that encompassed Episode 5 were profound, rooted, and fathomless. After a no-brainer Alecia vote last week, it was refreshing be able to consider the multiple strategic possibilities that arose as a result of the tribe swap. Did the newly formed Gondol tribe make the best decision? Here is what we know: 1.Tai... Continue Reading →

Good-Looking People with Great Smiles- Survivor 32 Recap & Rankings Episode 3

What we learned during Episode 3: You never want to lose the challenge; and if you do, don't think of it as a blessing Even people with great smiles get voted out in blindside fashion Debbie is being underestimated Joe's tan, pecs, and abs are thriving in the Cambodia sun Kyle was put in charge of the... Continue Reading →

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