Book Review: The Cruel Prince


Do not reveal your skill with a blade. Do not reveal your mastery over glamour. Do not reveal all that you can do. Little did Prince Dain know that my real skill lies in pissing people off.

The Cruel Prince was a solid read and I very much enjoyed the story; I’m eager for the second book. The story centers around Jude, a girl from the human realm who goes to live in Faerie with her parent’s killer. Just that right there is interesting enough. Even more so that Jude comes to have a certain love for Faerie and Madoc (parent-killer), even thought every shred of rationality goes against this.
Jude seeks power. Being mortal always puts her at a disadvantage, especially amongst her classmates who have all sorts of powers, things that Jude can never have… or can she?
Amongst the most cruel of her classmates is the youngest prince of Faerie, Prince Cardan, who is a big ol’ bully, but also wicked hot.
I like this a bit more than I like Maas. Jude has an edge that I like. The Faerie world is mixed in with the mortal world, which is interesting – and the bits of romance intermixed are bearable and don’t evoke gag reflex.
Also, wonderful twists and turns towards the end.

If you like YA fantasy, this is probably one of the better ones that I have read!

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