Book Review: The Night Circus


“Life takes us to unexpected places sometimes. The future is never set in stone, remember that.”

This was a very unique and intriguing story. I often see it compared to Stephanie Garber’s Caraval, but I would say that The Night Circus is significantly different – and better.

The Night Circus centers around two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who are pitted against one another from a young age by the binding magic of two ancient and accomplished magicians. Celia and Marco are to play a game, but neither knows when this game will start, what they need to do, and what it takes to ultimately win.

And to be honest, I am not really sure I know, either. And that is the main reason for not giving this book 5 stars, I just couldn’t really get a grasp on the game they were playing and how the magic that they did do exhibited them as better magicians than their opponent. It was a bit frustrating, and while there is some small reveal at the end of the novel, it isn’t enough to quench my curiosity.

Aside from that bit, the love elements are superb. This doesn’t read in the same manner as the sappy YA love of Caraval, but a more intense and burning adult love that has you rooting for the relationship to persevere and thrive.

In addition, I found the writing to be absolutely beautiful. While I may not understand all elements of the story, I certainly enjoyed the way in which they were described. The Circus is so magical, that I would find it difficult as an author to describe with enough detail to make the reader feel as if they were in the scene, but Morgenstern did a nice job with transplanting me straight into the heart of The Night Circus.

I for sure recommend this read!

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