Book Review: Warcross


Being a fan of gaming, of sci-fi, and of thrillers, I very much enjoyed Warcross. It took me a good 50 pages to get into the story, but once I did, I had a difficult time putting it down.
Emika Chen is an orphan, barely surviving the harsh realities of being poor in New York City. She is a talented hacker, and takes up virtual bounty hunting as a way to make a living – but that isn’t going well for her. Her escape from the real world is through the NeuroLink, an all-encompassing virtual reality that allows her to transport herself into the world of Warcross. Using the NeuroLink glasses actually adds a layer of VR to the world, as code can be written into virtually anything to enhance. Warcross reminded me a lot of The Oasis from Ready Player One.
Emika’s desperate attempts to make money eventually lead to world-recognition because of her mad skillz in the opening ceremonies of the World Warcross Games and her apparent hacking abilities. Her choice to hack sends her on a whirlwind adventure – and that is where I’ll stop summarizing.
This book is clever and well-written. There were a few things about the actual Warcross game that didn’t really make sense to me, but all in all, the story worked. The best part? The ending.

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