So, I moved…

I’m sitting in a restaurant just a mere four miles from the Atlantic Ocean. People seem happier in this place. Perhaps it is the result of the always-shining sun, the fresh seafood, the way the ocean makes you feel like you don’t have a care in the world – I’m not sure. But everyone seems to be smiling, living in their sunny-present, enjoying what life is offering.

I’ve envisioned living in a place like this for such a long time. The ability to go to the beach whenever I want, giving away all my winter coats, a permanent tint on my skin; all these things spell out “happy” in my brain.

Sometimes it is difficult to embrace so much change at once. Right now, I’m going through a lot of change. I’m living in a totally different part of the country, in an opposite climate and culture, sans all the people I care about, doing my own thing… and as a mom of three, I haven’t done my “own thing” in a while.

What this time affords me is the opportunity to work on myself. I’m starting a new job that I can completely devote myself to, I have time to delve into my interests… reading, writing, learning the guitar, very amateur boogie-boarding, etc. This is the ultimate “me” time.

While there is so much I miss back “home”, I can’t help but feel the blessing in this opportunity; this chance that I’m getting to “find” myself, to slow my pace, and to enjoy simply living.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity.

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  1. Love it, breathe it in…love those babies from afar until you’re together again. I’m sure this is bittersweet. Let life slow down and enjoy it 💜

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