Survivor Live! 50 Survivor Thoughts- Episode 8

Guys- I let you all down.

My recap & rankings of Episode 7 are no where to be found.

It isn’t like I didn’t think about my Survivor blog this week- I thought about it all week! But that was the problem- I had way too many thoughts about:

  • Neal’s med evac
  • Debbie throwing away what has been a tight game to this point
  • Michele’s undeniable sort of winner edit
  • Nick’s new commanding position in the middle of the merged tribe
  • Scot’s ease in giving away almost all the idol information
  • High school sterotypes that dominated in this episode
  • Tai’s relationship with chickens
  • Brains being thrown into lockers
  • Aubrey’s entitlement of Neal’s idol
  • Beauty’s decision to side with Brawn 😦
  • Etc. etc.

That’s no excuse! But I’m doing something different tonight and I’m writing Episode’s 8 blog WHILE I watch the episode. I’m excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time!

50 Thoughts I had while watching Kaoh Rong Episode 8 (In chronological order):

  1. Why is the tribe named Dara? I hate when I have to search the secret scenes to find out :(.
  2. Brains are in trouble- just 3 are left!
  3. Scot- save the Forrest Gump imperssions for Tom Hanks.
  4. Aubry with the winner’s edit? Her narration of the tribe dyanmics is spot-on!
  5. My first thought while Kyle is talking about his family- is it true? He does want to play the Hantz game…
  6. Kyle has a compelling story- I do like him more now.
  7. Did Kyle’s story backfire in regards to Cydney? She may see that sitting next to him in the final Tribal is not good for her game.
  8. Oh hey, Jeff Probst. Those dimples are lookin’ good tonight!
  9. ICE CREAM! I’m not even on the island and that looks goooood!
  10. Julia’s reward challenge team is the
  11. A classic Survivor challenge!
  12. Why is Aubry continuing to be designated pole girl?
  13. Michele’s Nikes are on point.
  14. Pretty big fan of Julia’s Nikes, too.
  15. The end of this challenge may be hard for two big buys like Scot and Nick.
  16. Uneven challenge groups here- ice cream here they come!
  17. Aubry with another confessional?? She’s totally going to the end.
  18. Tai wishes he could share ice cream. I totally wouldn’t want to share anything and would echo Debbie’s sentitment, “I don’t feel sorry for the losers”.
  19. The winning team is really bonding over this reward…!
  20. Julia sees Scot in a much different light than myself.
  21. I really hope Joe is secretly awake and listening to these boys plot.
  22. Looks like Cydney is back from her hiatus. Storms a’comin!
  23. Cydney c’mon- keep your cool! Don’t blow up your game!
  24. Paraoid- paranoid, that everybody’s out to get me! (Cyd’s theme song)
  25. I wonder if Cydney misses her branch-chain amino acids?
  26. “Don’t check me, boo!” CALM DOWN
  27. Poor Nick, his immunity meant nothing!
  28. Balancing challenges always seem to favor the girls.
  29. Love temptations during challenges, you can really get a taste for who feels comfortable and who NEEDS the immunity.
  30. Julia, wait for the food!!!
  31. I’ve heard the pizza on Survivor isn’t that good, anyway. It’s certainly not worth a million bucks!
  32. Looks like Scot, Joe, Michele, and Kyle are feeling pretty comfortable in the game… hmmmm.
  33. My inner voice is voting for a Kyle blindside!
  34. So Tai is clearly against the Brains. Good game play?? I think that blatant honesty is too much.
  35. Is Nick trying to make up his earlier blunder with Cydney?
  36. Yikes- is Nick leaving tonight?? His arrogance paired with Scot’s overconfidence is the kiss of death in this game.
  37. I’d love to borrow Cyd’s biceps.
  38. Cydney says she isn’t quitting any time soon- but Tai could see it on her face, so…
  39. Tai runs to get his necklace and is guaranteed 3 more days in the game!
  40. Debbie saw what running across the Sahara?
  41. I like hard game play, but Nick is playing too hard. We’ll see in 17 minutes, I guess.
  42. Is Cydney being legit, here?!
  43. Oh my gosh- please unite ladies, and vote Nick out! #SaveDebbie!
  44. #TribalCouncil
  45. Sweet, sweet Neal! Poor guy 😦
  46. Love me some Cochran references!
  47. TAI!!! OMG you just gave away the Super Idol!!!!
  48. I’m so nervous- – –
  49. Overconfidence is a weakness- pot calling the kettle black?

One thing is for sure- overconfidence in this game will kill you & so will revealing a super secret like a Super Idol.

Rankings to return next week!

Until next time,


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