A 2016 Journey

The internet is chalk full of ‘diet’ programs. In a country where unhealthy habits in regards to food is unprecedented, everyone wants a way to shed the pounds. Programs promise big results that come easy which is alluring to someone who still wants to eat whatever they want, but still wants to see results.

I’ll say it right now, I’m guilty of said unhealthy habits. I sort of feel like it just snuck up on me. In high school I was an athlete and basically I could eat whatever I wanted and never see a pounds difference. I’m talking Lay’s Potato Chips and Coca-Cola classic (not diet) every day! I’m not even sure I knew what a calorie was until I was forced to learn about it in freshmen health class.

Even in my early 20’s my metabolism continued to be kick-ass and my diet was loaded with carbs and sugar. Vegetables and I were certainly not besties, but it didn’t really matter because I always maintained my size 2 figure.

Then I had my twins at age 25. I remember after I had the twins I was so confused as to why I wasn’t shedding my baby weight. This might sound ludicrous, but it is a true testament to how little I understood about nutrition. 

Two years later I had my littlest guy and I remember looking in the mirror post-baby and thinking, man… I really need to DO something about all of this. I don’t even recognize myself and I certainly don’t feel good about what I’m seeing. 

Losing weight, though, is difficult. It requires discipline, perseverance, and an ability to see beyond what you want in the moment to what you want in the long-term. And living in America doesn’t really help. It is impossible to go anywhere and not be flooded with images of unhealthy foods that appeal to our cravings. Even staying home can be difficult, you can’t commercials and ads… “4$ for 4 items at Wendy’s” etc. 

Most of us are busy, too. This often doesn’t lend to healthy eating. Fast food is convenient and easy. If you finish work and don’t get home till 5, the family is hungry and you’re exhausted, hitting that order on PizzaHut.com is pretty dang easy. Healthy eating takes a little more preparation and discipline. And Pizza is GOOD!

Our food is so full of carbs and preservatives it is no wonder we are swarmed with so many health issues today. Brain diseases are especially prevalent and it is no secret that brain health is directly tied to gut health. When you think of all the changes that MUST be made in our culture, it can be a little overwhelming. 

I’ve tried a few different things to lose my baby weight. My youngest son is 2 now, so the excuses are borderline absurd and I’m not really sure I can label my extra pounds as ‘baby weight’.

I have three kids though, it is absolutely my job to make sure I’m healthy for them, that I’m leading by example, that I don’t eat out every night and then remain on the couch the rest of the evening. My kids need to see ME make health the forefront of my life, or what message am I giving them? 

Of course, as a human, there will still be nights that we order pizza and evenings where we binge House of Cards (NOT with the kids)- but this can’t be the norm.

I feel so lucky to have discovered Team Beachboy, and more importantly the 21 Day Fix. Straight up, this program is just eating healthy, whole foods in the correct potions, and working out 30 minutes a day. That’s it!

There are no pills, no fiber flushes, no chemicals, and no gimmicks.

I started the 21 Day Fix two months ago and I have lost 16lbs and 22inches. 

The weight loss is great, but I’m more excited about how I feel now. I feel more energized, less dependent on caffeine, and happy. I’m starting to recognize my reflection and am truly enjoying who I am becoming. My kids will have a more confident, energetic, happy mother than one just trying to get through the day in a sluggish stupor.

Some nights I just want cheese fries or a soda. And some nights I indulge. But my body is recognizing ‘crap’  now and not as agreeable to these foreign invaders anymore. 21 Day Fix is becoming a way of life and it is spreading through my family. My kids used to make snack requests for things like chips and fruit snacks, but lately they’ve been asking for yogurt and apples. 

I haven’t totally reached all my goals yet, but I’m not worried about getting there anymore.

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