15 Reasons 2015 Has Been the Best Year of My Life

  1. Duke basketball won the National Title & Georgetown actually made it past the first round of March Madness.
  2. The ability to celebrate my sweet ‘baby’, Vincent, turn 1 in a basketball-themed birthday party on an unusually warm day in March.
  3. Making a career shift to the Instructional Design field. A move that gave me confidence in my own abilities, the reassurance that following your dreams is always possible, and an opportunity to live out my core belief that “we must always change, renew, and rejuvenate- otherwise we harden”.
  4. Celebrating my 24th year of best friendship with Gina.
  5. Celebrating my favorite holiday- the 4th of July, in my favorite spot- my parent’s back yard, with special guests from Colorado!
  6. The constant support of my family, especially my husband, in my pursuit to obtain an MBA. Anything involving mathematical equations takes me a loooong time, so his sacrifice does not go unnoticed 😉
  7. My brother earning a 35 on his ACT and his numerous accomplishments that were the result of years of hard work and dedication to his goals and his dreams.
  8. Attending my first Instructional Design conference in Madison, Wisconsin and officially eating cheese curds for the first time.
  9. Celebrating my grandparent’s 60th year of marriage with the entire family in Colorado.
  10. The several opportunities for nights out with either JR or friends.
  11. Stella Artois, who joined me on many of those nights out 🙂
  12. My parents. They will always make the list.
  13. A trip to see the Atlantic Ocean, feel the warmth of Florida in the middle of winter, and an endless supply of fresh seafood.
  14. Celebrating my sweet Dominic & Giovanni’s 4th birthday with a Dinosaur cake, a selfie stick, and family all around!
  15. Spending another year with my main man- JR. Thankful for him every single day.

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