Survivor Season 31: Scenarios & Jury Breakdowns

Based on the previews from last week, something wild is going to happen in this finale. Could we see a Final 4 for the first time in Survivor history? Could we see a tie for the winner? Both are very possible and reasonable; but because the unknown is just that… unknown, I am going to stick to the familiar and keep my scenarios a Final 3.


With six players going into the finale, determining all the possible scenarios for the Final 3 is surely a daunting task. With a possibility of 18 Final 3 scenarios, I am going to pick two to analyze and do a jury break down. My choices are:

  1. The Final 3 Scenario I most want to see!
  2. The Final 3 Scenario I feel we will most likely see!

Our Final 6 are:

  1. Jeremy Collins (San Juan del Sur)
  2. Spencer Blesdoe (Cagayan)
  3. Kelley Wentworth (San Juan del Sur)
  4. Tasha Fox (Cagayan)
  5. Keith Nale (San Juan del Sur)
  6. Kimmi Kappenberg (Australia)


  1. Jeremy, Spencer, Kelley The Final 3 Scenario I most want to see!

Of the remaining players, I would love to see this combination in the finale! All three players have encompassed what a sole Survivor should be; someone who can outwit, outplay, and outlast the others. All three have made the coveted big moves, proven themselves in the challenges, and improved upon their performance from their first game. In my opinion, these three are most deserving of seats at the Final Tribal.

I know who I would want to see win, but in an effort to make an accurate prediction, let’s break down the jury.

  1. Kass McQuillenKelley. Kass would surely vote for Kelley, right? She may respect the game that Jeremy and Spencer have played, but I do not recall her having much of a connection with Jeremy and she certainly has history with Spencer that may not entice her to vote for him.
  2. Andrew Savage – Spencer. Andrew really liked Spencer when he was in the game and were surely vote for him in the final.
  3. Kelly Wiglesworth – Jeremy. As a competitor, Kelly has respect for fellow competitors. Even though Jeremy has not won a lot of challenges, he comes of competitive in nature and has played a pretty straight game which I believe Kelly would have respect for.
  4. Ciera Eastin – Kelley. Ciera would certainly vote for her fellow witch, right? Kelley has made big moves in the game which would garner respect from Ciera.
  5. Stephen Fishbach – Jeremy. Stephen’s tightest ally was Jeremy and Jeremy played an idol for Stephen. Spencer backstabbed Stephen and Stephen was never aligned with Kelley. This is really a no-brainer.
  6. Joe Anglim – Kelley. This is really a toss up between Jeremy and Kelley. We saw Joe have a connection with Kelley throughout the game. Even though Kelley didn’t trust Joe and helped vote him out- everyone voted Joe out. Joe seemed the most hurt by Spencer’s betrayal. I really didn’t see a huge connection between Joe and Jeremy, and Jeremy was aligned with Joe’s rival, Stephen.
  7. Abi-Maria Gomes – Kelley. Abi and Kelley worked together for a significant amount of time post-merge and Kelley did not have a hand in voting Abi out. Abi is surely still bitter so I can’t imagine Spencer or Jeremy attaining her vote.
  8. Kimmi Kappenberg – Jeremy. Kimmi has been pretty loyal to Jeremy the entire game. Depending on how she ‘goes out’, I believe her vote would likely go to Jeremy.
  9. Keith Nale – Kelley. It does not appear to me that Keith has a very close connection with Jeremy or Tasha. His vote would most likely go to Kelley as he has voted with her more than he has voted against her. Plus, they have that San Juan del Sur connection.
  10. Tasha Fox Jeremy. Without knowing exactly how Tasha would get to the jury, this prediction is difficult. But Tasha has shown the upmost loyalty to Jeremy, and I believe that her loyalty would stick in the vote for the million.

Predicted Winner: Kelley Wentworth (5-4-1)

2. Jeremy, Spencer, Tasha – The Final 3 Scenario I feel we will most likely see!

Of the six remaining players, I think this is the most likely scenario. These three are clearly working together, Jeremy still has an idol, and based on last week’s vote, they are in the numbers. Spencer can easily win immunity challenges, and as long as Kelley doesn’t idol one of them out, I think the road to the Final Three is nicely paved for Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha.

  1. Kass McQuillen – Spencer. We certainly know that Kass’ vote would not go to Tasha! I believe she would be introspective enough to respect Spencer’s game and give him the vote for the million.
  2. Andrew Savage – Spencer. The same as above, Andrew likes Spencer, respects the game Spencer plays, and would surely give Spencer his vote.
  3. Kelly Wiglesworth – Jeremy. Kelly would stick to voting for Jeremy, just as in the scenario above. I do not think Tasha being in the Final 3 over Kelley would have any effect on her vote.
  4. Ciera Eastin – Jeremy. With no Kelley in the final 3, it is difficult to predict Ciera’s vote. However, we know she respects big moves, and Jeremy’s first idol play for Stephen and a possible second idol play to come may garner respect from Ciera.
  5. Stephen Fishbach – Jeremy. Again, Stephen’s closest alliance is Jeremy…
  6. Joe Anglim – Jeremy. Joe could go either Jeremy or Tasha, but I believe he will have more respect for Jeremy’s game.
  7. Abi-Maria Gomes – Spencer. Abi is a wild card here. If I hadn’t seen last week’s episode, I might have thought that Abi would give her vote to Tasha. However, Tasha excluded Abi from her conversation with Jeremy, and knowing Abi, that could lose Tasha the vote. I do not think Spencer had many issues with Abi and I believe he could attain her vote in the end.
  8. Kimmi Kappenberg – Jeremy. Just like I said above, Kimmi is going to stay loyal to Jeremy through and through.
  9. Keith Nale – Spencer. With no Kelley in the game, I believe Keith will have the most respect for the game that Spencer has played.
  10. Kelley Wentworth Jeremy. As a dominant player in this game, I believe that Kelley will respect the play of another dominant character in Jeremy. Her vote is surely a toss-up between Jeremy and Spencer, though.

Predicted Winner: Jeremy Collins (6-4-0)

Whatever happens, this was truly once of the best seasons of Survivor we have seen! I personally rank this season with the likes of Micronesia, Heroes vs Villains, and Cagayan. Even with the speculation of GOATS this season, I believe that each of the six remaining players deserves to be there.

Stay tuned for more Survivor blog fun in the off season!

Now, is it Wednesday, yet?

Until next time,


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