Survivor Rankings- Season 31 Second Chances, Episode 12

Folks- there are only two episodes remaining in Survivor Second Chances. I have no clue what I am going to do or how I will survive in the off-season!

I’ll probably have to binge San Juan del Sur since this past episode was basically a SJDS reunion!

Not only do we still have Keith, Kelley, and Jeremy, but Dale Wentworth and Val came back for the challenge! Was anyone else having major deja vu??

The things I am most excited about:

-Joe is gone! No, I do not dislike Joe.. but since I have ranked him least likely to win this game for three weeks in a row, his torch-snuff validated my power rankings. Still, Joe is a good guy and it would not shock me to see him come back for a 3rd chance.

-Kelley not only won the reward, she also won immunity. Kelley is truly getting the most out of her second chance. I mean, she didn’t even make the jury her first go-around! Go, Kelley!

– Jeremy and Val are having a baby boy! I’ve been on the fence about whether or not I am cheering for Jeremy, but this episode surely transformed me into a Jeremy fan! I don’t know what was more touching- Jeremy learning about baby boy or Jeremy giving his idol to Fishbach 😉

– Joe is okay! When he collapsed and then CBS went to commercial I was seriously scared. I did not want him to get med-evac’ed this late in the season after he had worked so hard. His collapse was reminiscent of Russell Swan’s collapse in Samoa and it scared me! Happy that Joe is good-to-go! (Aside from being voted out)

-Keith Nale randomly voted for Tasha? Does Keith Nale have any clue what is going on? Or did he just not want to vote for Joe? Or is he trying to make a plea for being the ultimate GOAT and everyone is going to take him to the end? I dunno.

-All Girls Alliance! Okay to be honest, I want Jeremy at the end so I hope Tasha decides against the all girls alliance. BUT- it seems to be to be Tasha’s best bet to go with Kelley, Kimmi, and Abi. So very excited to see how that plays out  next week.

-Another betrayal from Spencer. Joe surely thought Spencer would vote with him just as Stephen thought Spencer would vote with him the previous week. If Spencer makes it to the end, jury votes might be hard to come by. Regardless if he loves his girlfriend or not.

So let’s get right to the post-Episode 12 Player Rankings!


Survivor Ranking 31

Pre-Merge Boot Order:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas (Ta Keo)
  2. Shirin Oskooi (Ta Keo)
  3. Peih-Gee Law (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  4. Jeff Varner (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  5. Monica Padilla (Bayon, Bayon)
  6. Terry Dietz (family emergency) (Ta Keo, Ta Keo)
  7. Woo Hwang (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo)

Post-Merge Boot Order, THE JURY:

  1. Kass McQuillen (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  2. Andrew Savage (Bayon, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  3. Kelly Wiglesworth (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  4. Ciera Eastin (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank 6/10
  5. Stephen Fishbach (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 2/10
  6. Joe Anglim (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank 8/8

Here are my power-ranking in order from least-likely to win to most-likely to win. These rankings are not intended to predict boot order.

I want to note here that I have read no spoilers and have no idea what the true outcome of the game will be.

7. Abi-Maria Gomes (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 7/8

Abi cannot win this game. I think it is possible for her to get to the end of this game as a GOAT, but I do not see her attaining any votes form the jury. It isn’t even a question of who she is up against- Abi will not win this game.

6. Keith Nale (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 4/8

I love Keith Nale and was excited to see him win the immunity challenge. However, Keith’s closest ally, Joe, left this week and Keith will have to rely on his other alliances which are not very strong. In turn, I think the only people that Keith would have a chance against in the final tribal are Kimmi and Abi. If it is Kimmi, Abi, and Keith sitting there on day 39- well that is the ultimate GOAT alliance and I think Kimmi would have a slight edge over Keith. Sorry Keith, I just do not think it is going to happen for you this time.

5. Kimmi Kappenberg (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 5/8

So randomly Kimmi wants an all girl’s alliance after ousting Monica Padilla for having the same idea weeks ago? Kimmi, dude, I thought you were Bayon strong? I believe that Kimmi is playing a much smarter game than she did in Season 2, but not smart enough to win her the million.

4. Tasha Fox (Bayon, Angkor, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 6/8

I actually think Tasha has a decent shot of winning the game. At this point she is in the perfect position of picking which group she wants to go with- all girls or Jeremy and Spencer. All girls seems to get Tasha the furthest but making that choice would burn bridges. I just don’t see her garnering enough votes in the end… I mean what does she really have on her resume?

3. Spencer Blesdoe (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 2/8

Spencer is burning bridges. With Joe out of the game, he does have a shot to win more immunities and make it to the end. However, I see a bitter jury in his future (led by Stephen and Joe?).

2. Kelley Wentworth (Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 3/8

Kelley has proven she is a physical beast as well as a strategic and savvy player. She surely has an outwit argument, an outplay argument, and if she makes it to the end, an outlast argument. Oh- and she still has a hidden immunity idol in her pocket!

Predicted Winner: Jeremy Collins (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 1/8

I am still placing Jeremy at the number 1 spot. He is so likable and has played a great social and strategic game that I think he is very difficult to beat. However, I do think it is a toss up between him, Spencer, and Kelley. Jeremy needs to hope that Tasha does not flip the vote on the side of the women this coming week or that will surely spell doom for Jeremy. Oh- and he still has a hidden immunity idol in his pocket!

There you have it- my rankings for this week! See you next week for more Survivor Cambodia Second Chances!

To read my rankings from last week, click here.

Until next time,


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